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The Tempestry Project
39 Streit Ave

Artists: Emily McNeil (she/her), Asy Connelly (she/her), and
Marissa Connelly (she/her)


SitkaNP19662016 (1).jpg

ABOUT: One of the ongoing problems inherent in discussions about climate change is the vast scale of the conversation. The Tempestry Project’s goal is to scale this down into something that is accurate, tangible, relatable, and beautiful. Tempestries blend fiber art with climate data to create a bridge between global climate and our own personal experiences through knitted, crocheted, and woven temperature tapestries, or ‘Tempestries.’

All Tempestries use the same yarn colors and temperature ranges, creating a visually coherent mosaic of changing temperatures over time. Thousands of people – locally, nationally, and even internationally – have participated in the Tempestry Project. For some, Tempestries depict personal histories (weddings, birthdays, immigration dates, etc). For others, environmental activism and climate education are the focus. As more and more people participate, the richer, the more beautiful, and the more undeniable our climate mosaic becomes.

What identities of yours are important to you and how have they impacted your practice?


"As women (queer, trans, other), recentering knitting from 'women's work' into the realms of art and science communication has been an ongoing theme in the project."

What folks can expect at The Tempestry Project during Open Studios:

Weather permitting, we will be hosting a workshop for anyone who wants to come by and make their own mini Tempestry - no knitting / crocheting required! Visitors will also be able to see some finished pieces and chat with us about our work and the intersection of data representation, climate education, and art. Kids welcome!

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