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"I have been studying art since I was a teenager. I have a Bachelor's degree from Parsons School of Design and a graduate degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art in which I majored in sculpture. Within the last 20 years, I’ve been focused on painting and most recently on collage. I am primarily an abstract painter using paper and fabric, paint and markers to create collaged artworks. I spent the last two summers visiting southern France and have been very influenced by the landscape, color and light in the region."

What identities of yours are important to you? How have they impacted your practice?

"I am sure that being an older caucasien woman places me in a certain perspective in life but my work isn’t about my personal identity so much as it gives a glimpse into my emotional existence. I grew up in a rural wooded area in eastern Pennsylvania and spent a lot of time in the woods and roaming around in nature. So landscape, flora and fauna are always suggested in my collages and my paintings."

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