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Painting and Literature

ARTIST STUDIO: 102 Wilbur Boulevard, Poughkeepsie, NY

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"I have been involved in art for 60 years! My areas of expertise are: portrait painting, acrylic abstract painting, and calligraphy. I have also written and illustrated over 20 books."

James Bennett (also known as Bennecelli) creates art which deals with dreams and the subconscious – through which he portrays an inner vision that all humankind is a single entity as well as a new understanding of that which we call God.

After his retirement from full-time teaching in 2015, this artist focused on writing, calligraphy, and producing art that was an exploration of dream imagery and the subconscious workings of our minds. He became fascinated by the timelessness and the universality of dream symbols, and wondered if these archetypal symbols might relate somehow to genetic memories of humanity's ancestral origin. His curiosity led him to begin an artistic exploration of stories from ancient religious texts. This revealed new insights. 

Bennett states that he is delighted to be living in a time when he can combine two things he loves – creating art and writing books. Indeed, his major works are books illustrated with his artwork. His most recent publications are: Mysteries of the Tanakh (an artistic interpretation of the Hebrew Bible), A Dream Fantasy (an epic poem illustrated by eighty monotypes), Via Christus (a fresh look at the Christian New Testament). 

In addition, Bennett has written several books on calligraphy including Calligraphy For Dummies and Calligraphy for Creative Kids. These books and more are available through his website and on Amazon.

What identities of yours are important to you? How have they impacted your practice?

I was a teacher for over 40 years. This experience inspired my creativity and personal exploration of new skills -- especially calligraphy and technology.


What to expect at the studio?

My home is like an art gallery of my art and art by others. My recent work will be on display in my studio. I also have a video demonstration of my Neuro-AutoBio Art.

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