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289 Main Street, Studio 202
Artists: Aaron J Stewart, Erik Jensen, Derek White

Good Time Film Co is a video production company and rental house located in Poughkeepsie, New York. We specialize in professional branding content on one end and rent out affordable gear including our fully loaded studio on the other end. Good Time Film Studio is used by major motion picture companies like HBO, CBS and A24 and is also frequently used by local “One Mand Bands”. We bridge the gap between the big and small productions that come through the Hudson Valley. We’re here to help.

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What to expect at Good Time during Open Studios

Good Time Film Studio will host directors and writers Aaron J Stewart and Erik Jensen highlighting their yet to be released films. We will use our state of the art laser projector with high quality sound in our studio and will have 30 spots available as well as standing room for each viewing. The other half of the studio will be a living room and kitchen movie set that will have Poughkeepsie Open Studios posters for guests to take pictures in front of. Studio tours and a highlight reel for goodtime film company will be playing in between viewings for a full immersive experience. Details below. 

We are highlighting local director Aaron J. Stewart. He wrote and directed award winning “Waiting For C-Row”. We will be showcasing his film twice in September 9th and once on September 10th for a total of three viewings for PKOS. He will also show a trailer to his upcoming film which was shot entirely at Good Time Film Studio where the audience wi be sitting. Q&A after each showing. 

“Waiting for C-row” chronicles the lives of two individuals, Jenna and Candy, who find themselves entangled in the harsh realities of their profession as prostitutes, enduring both physical and emotional abuse at the hands of their pimp. Each woman, facing her own distinct challenges, navigates the depths of their struggles in their own unique way.


Local Director and writer Erik J. Jensen (HBO, Escape At Dannemora, The Staircase) will be on site both days as well showing a 10 minute scene of his new feature film “Looks Can Kill” shot entirely in Poughkeepsie in collaboration with good time film studio. We were the production company that helped him make it and I was director of photography. This hour long feature film was just purchased by a streaming network and is ready for release in the fall. This will be the first and only time viewings will take place before the unnamed video streaming giant uses it on their platform. Poughkeepsie isn’t just the location but it is a character in this film. We highlight our city in every shot. This sneak peak will be shown twice on September 9th and once on September 10th along with the other film. 

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