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GALLERY SPACES: Gallery 40 & Hallway Gallery @ Mercat Cafe
40 Cannon Street

On The Way - International Artists Exhibition at Gallery 40
Emerging Shapes - at Hallway Gallery @ Mercat Cafe

GALLERY 40 is devoted to building community through the representation of local and regional artists. The gallery works as a hub for local fares, art exhibitions, and performances. You can find the gallery atrium of 40 Cannon Street, Poughkeepsie, NY in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Be sure to visit and see local, talented, and exquisite art. MAKE ART - BUY ART - LOVE ART

CURATORS: Mary Ann Glass and Paola Bari

ON VIEW during Open Studios: On The Way - International Artists Exhibition

Curated by: Xuewu Zheng, On The Way, brings together a group of international artists from around the world. Featuring works by both emerging and established artists, it brings differing artists’ voices into an international arena in which people examine complex contemporary issues that are both shared and peculiar across multiple cultures.

Featured Artists: Chen Hui, Emilie Houssart, Evgenii Semenikhin, Fang Liu, Hayoon Jay Lee, He Lin, Jianyao Gao, Litao Qi, Lucy Liu, Maedeh Ojaghlou, Malgorzata Oakes, Nansi Lent, Marielena Ferrer, Viktorsha chiUliyanova, Zeng Han, Zhaoman Zeng, Ziru Wang, Xuewu Zheng​


THE HALLWAY @ MERCAT CAFE is an informal place to exhibit artwork. You can find it on the way to Mercat by 1915, a beautiful coffee shop inside the 40 Cannon St. building. The exhibition consists in two dimension artwork, including but not limited to: painting, drawing, pastels, printmaking, relief paintings, photography, encaustics, etc. Stop by and check the the current artists while you are sipping a great cup of coffee.

ON VIEW during Open Studios: Emerging Shapes: A Vassar Student Exhibitio

Emerging Shapes is an invitation to witness the boundless creativity and talent of emerging student artists. We invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy and passion that reside within these young artists. They are the embodiment of budding talent, on the cusp of blossoming into visionary creators ready to spring into the art scene. Through their evocative use of color, texture, and form, they invite you to see the world through their eyes, to embrace the beauty of imperfection, and to appreciate the unique perspectives that arise from the emergence of their artistic voices. Emerging Shapes is a show of discovery as shapes take on new meanings and evolve before your eyes. Welcome to Emerging Shapes — an exhibition that proudly shines a spotlight on the bright student artists of Vassar College.

Featured Artists:
Caleb Leeming, Phoebe Kinder, Chloé Hupin, Nikita Sidoryk, Sarah McDonald, Dominic Matos, Claire Snyder, Parker Fairfield, Mingja Ni, Harry Malone, Phineas Cashman, Cathrine Borthwick

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