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75 N. Water Street


The Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum (MHDM) is the ideal destination for children and families. With exhibits that focus on early literacy, art, early STEM, health and the local community, the museum welcomes 80,000 guests each year and provides an educationally rich environment through which children have the opportunity to develop foundational skills, to engage in purposeful play, and to develop interpersonal connections. MHDM provides early learners impactful and nurturing programs and spaces that help foster imagination, creativity, socialization skills and the ability to understand the world around them.

Museum Hours: 

until September 22: Friday & Saturday 9:30am - 5pm; Sunday 11am - 5pm

September 22 onward: Tuesday - Saturday, 9:30am - 5pm; Sunday, 11am - 5pm

The third Sunday of the month is always free in the evening 5:30-8, throughout the year.

Free concert in the Pavilion on Sunday, September 17th!


paper monuments & memorials

Celebrating the African Spirit.png


Student Ambassadors of the Teen Horizons 2023 Summer Program have created paper monuments and memorials to honor the legacy of Africans and their descendants in Poughkeepsie, NY. Come see their projects and learn more! 


abstract work on canvas & fabrics


Paint & Take With Zhane’s Palette, $8 Suggested Donation; Saturday & Sunday


"My journey started as a child drawing fashion clothing and dolls at age 8 and continued throughout High School. Upon graduating I interned for a fashion retail house where I curated fashion shows. I continued my love of art and fashion throughout college but switched majors as my interest changed. First studying Art & Art history followed by study Design and Merchandising. While at Morgan State University, I reignited my drawing and painting skills by dabbling in all mediums until landing in Acrylics painting Abstracts. Years later in 2015, the idea of teaching painting classes to intimate groups of people was presented to me. My initial goal was to just give my guest an alternative party option via the mobile "Paint and Sip' model but that concept soon expanded into owning my first brick and mortar studio in Poughkeepsie, NY, hosting after school workshops and summer camps to now hosting private paint events for corporate companies. 

My hope for Zhane's Palette Studio is to continue adding vibrancy to every art experience we provide for years to come. We want to continue painting and inspiring as many people to use art as a vehicle of expression and having people together again is our goal. More tangibly, we're looking to acquire a bus that will operate as a studio on wheels and a meeting place for like minded people to share and create."


What identities of yours are important to you? How have they impacted your practice?

"My identity as a black woman is the most important to me as it's my super power. I draw my strength and courage and boldness from my life experiences and put them in my work. Growing up I was always taught to be "the light" and I translate that into my artwork by using bright colors; especially yellow."



20230806_234946_0000 (1).png
Written by Shaundraneka Gills_20230821_073142_0000 (1).png
Written by Shaundraneka Gills_20230821_073142_0000 (1).png


painting, photography, sculpture, murals, public art, artists books and music

PALAIA, Cattive Shark_ (1).jpg


"My works begin as large scale archival color photo prints with images of murals, walls, posters, street art and graffiti taken from numerous cities and countries such as Italy, France, China, Germany, (Berlin Wall), Cuba and the U.S. among others. I mount the prints onto a variety of supports such as Cement Board, Sheetrock and large slabs of Polystyrene. I adhere the prints to the substrates then paint, (some in dry fresco), collage, tear, cut, spray and sandpaper the surface of the prints to create real texture as you would see on an actual wall. The finished works simulate the illusion of real pieces of masonry literally ripped out of urban buildings. I also add 3D re-purposed found objects to the surfaces, such as wood, rusted metal, plastic tubing, etc. to enhance the sculptural quality of the wall works. Their scale range from small and intimate (2-5’) to real life human scale up to 16 feet. The flat pieces are installed on the wall. The free standing floor pieces are installed to simulate contemporary urban archaeology scattered on the floor with some up-right works standing 8 feet tall.


I also approach photography with the same mixed techniques and materials. I mount color photographs onto a variety of substrates and highly manipulate the surfaces as well as adding found 3 dimensional objects. The scale of these mixed media photographs is from 2-5 feet."


creating outdoor experiences using nature as the guide

Natures Impact

NATURE'S IMPACT creates outdoor experiences using nature as the guide. Founder, Serena, has built a lifelong connection with the natural world inspired her to establish Nature's Impact. With her keen artistic vision, she crafts intricate designs that prioritize environmental preservation. Serena firmly believes in our profound interdependence with the planet and strives to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues. Serena has collaborated with the City of Poughkeepsie & local non-profits in the Hudson Valley,to engage in community initiatives.

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