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Steven Steele Cawman - Photography

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As a landscape and nature photographer, I’m never sure what the results of each new adventure will bring.  This element of the unknown is part of what excites me about landscape photography.


I travel extensively, keeping my eyes open to see what opportunities each location and day may bring.  I enjoy the adventure of meeting people, experiencing new cultures and the chance to see the majestic beauty of Mother Nature around the world.  My passion has driven me to explore the glacial caves of Iceland, follow polar bears in far north of Canada and follow the Great Migration across the Masai Mara in Africa.  


It is my desire to capture and share these wonderful and sometimes threatened places, that may, if not protected and preserved, be lost forever.  The challenges facing our planet and its inhabitants are many. These images of the world play a role in education, awareness and are a force for positive change.  Habitats and wild places are disappearing, and the animals that depend on those places to survive are threatened by extinction.  My photographs serve as an inventory of what we need to preserve and save, and not just as a time capsule snapshot of what once was.  My goal is to capture images that will draw viewers in and hope that people will stop and think about the challenges facing our planet and take a moment to ask themselves what value they place on preserving the things they see.


To create my photographs, I shoot in camera raw and do minor post-production on the images.  Usually, these changes are limited to simple adjustments like contrast, color temperature and minor cropping.  I consider myself somewhat of a visual purist, I do not add elements to my photographs.  I also rarely remove elements from my work.


I invite you to travel with me and see to some incredible places on this planet through these images.

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