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Pam Krimsky - Acrylic Painting and Drawing

on view: The Poughkeepsie Trolley Barn, 489 Main Street

Learn more about Pam's art by watching the video below, from prior Open Studios


Contact Information




Phone:                845-853-5199   

Visit my Studio and home in Highland. You will notice my garden.  My two passions are painting and gardening.  Welcome!!


I compose figures from imagination, painting from landscape or still life for new information occasionally. My strengths are drawing and composition. I believe these demands required more technical ability than I could, for many years, consistently translate into paint. 

Living overseas in Iran between the early 1990s and 2007, needing to carry fewer paintings, I worked and reworked canvases. I continue this practice today but much less frequently. I switched from oil to acrylic 

paint when airlines no longer transported quality painting medium.

Accepted into the Queens College MFA Grad Program 40 years ago with a body of large, abstract color field paintings and collages, I constantly was in search of imagery.  By the time my program started, I was working representationally, to the dismay of the professors who supported my application. In Grad School, needing to work from landscape brought me to the beautiful Mid-Hudson area, where, for years I painted directly from landscape two or three times a day.  It is my hope that when you look at my paintings, over years, you will always find yourself engaging with them and in contemplation. 

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