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Michael Trueblood - Photography

On View: Artist Studio | Queen City Lofts | 15 S. Bridge Street | Apt 213 *buzz for entry*


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Over the last several years I have produced a large archive of New York street photography. I have always found the streets of New York to be interesting and inspiring, an amalgam of people, color, surface, and movement. I believe in an art based on everyday experience, and feel there is an art that exists in the everyday movements of the city. I am looking for direct images of poetic beauty and meaning, trying to capture that magic moment when all of the elements of the picture come together. The street is a stage, and can be dramatic and full of kinetic chaos, or it can project a quiet melancholic atmosphere. All emotions are in the street - joy and ecstasy, fear and desire, celebration and anger, despair and loneliness. Most of the time I’m trying to capture life as it is in the everyday, but sometimes photographs will happen that document and reflect social and political moments in history.  

After using various cameras for many years, in 2011, I started using an iPhone when photographing the city. I could get closer and work quickly, and even though I was seeing and composing, this approach added an element of surprise and improvisation into the work. For the most part the images come about through a process of discovery. I will return to certain places over and over, but the images will always be different and I never know what the results will be.

Over the years the pictures have developed in several different directions - 1} Color street images that include photos of the everyday, as well as images from parades and celebrations. 2) New York in black and white, that have everyday images, as well as portraits and pictures from political demonstrations. 3) Pictures from taking meditative walks through Central Park where landscape is dominant. 4) Images taken through the windshield and side window of my car as I worked as a driver. These are more distant and use the urban environment to frame the subjects. 5) Street photos made in the age of the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

It is impossible to capture New York completely, but I want these photos to reflect a city of diverse cultures, an environment that is constantly in flux, and a New York that is beautiful and fascinating.

I would like to produce a series of books based on all of this New York street photography.

I also have several other series of works from travels around the United States and other parts of the World. These can be seen in the Archive section of my website.

In 2019, my wife Karen and I moved to Poughkeepsie, NY. I have started a project of images from various places in the Hudson Valley. Most of the  photographs are of landscapes, but sometimes other types of pictures happen. One photograph I made in Poughkeepsie at the Justice for George Floyd Demonstration was Selected by American Photography 37 and will be published in their annual book at the end of 2021. This project is still evolving and I am now taking photographs with a Fuji XT30 as well as the iPhone. 

In the future I hope to explore other cities in both the US and around the world.

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