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Because working in clay has been a joy for me for much of my life, I strive to stay engaged in a life-long exploration with this beautiful and challenging material. When working at the pottery wheel, my intention is to produce well-crafted functional objects that are appealing to touch and hold. Though functional ware is glazed and food-safe, my wish is that all objects I create might provide moments of pleasure and pause in day-to-day life of the people who use them. Recently I have started working in porcelain and am excited about the new directions it is taking me.


When hand building, I use combinations of wheel-thrown, coil and pinch methods. I love building pottery this way because the process is slow and gentle.  I simply feel my way along, and the piece becomes a reflection of my relationship with natural forms.  I especially enjoy the subtle color palette of the clay in its natural form. Parts or all of these forms are left unglazed to allow the clay to speak for itself as it is transformed by fire.


Over the years I have experimented with a variety of firing methods including wood fire, saggar fire and pit fire; each adds its own exciting dimension.


What inspires me? The smoothly textured surface of an ocean-tumbled rock, a seed pod, a shell, a walk in the woods. 

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