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Jeep Johnson - Glass, Sculpture, Video...

Jeep Johnson Selfie.jpg

Contact Information




Phone:                  914-474-6173

Studio:                  Niagara Firehouse  6 N. Hamilton St.

….a word about Jeep Johnson


My goal as an artist is to create images and objects using video, photography, film, glass, paint and poetry, images directed with spontaneous intention.  I build around internal emotional issues, reflecting my thoughts, observations and reactions to the world that surround me. The imagery comes from my connections to the past informed by emotional experience.


Jeep began his creative life as a photojournalist, which very quickly evolved into traveling the world making scientific documentary movies.  As he developed his technical skills he applied them to making short art video pieces, a practice which he continues today.  As a midlife creative exploration he began making cast glass sculpture at Urban Glass, in New York City. As his work developed it evolved into a relationship with copper.  He began employing a plasma cutter and he developed a technique called “metal drawing”.  Metal drawing is achieved by quickly drawing the plasma cutter over the copper as if making a quick pencil sketch.  This technique has been present in his recent work.  He has also explored integrating cast glass in video installations as a projection surface as well as mounting Polaroid transfers to simple cast glass blocks. Several years ago he received a grant from Arts Mid-Hudson to continue his glass exploration but in the direction of functional objects.  The functional departure impacted the sculptural practice and the sculptural work evolved into a stronger sense of subtle functionality.  He continues to draw upon his diverse set of skills and experiences to create a wide range of work.   

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