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Caitlin McNamara - Silver and Gold Jewelry

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Caitlin makes silver and gold jewelry inspired by shapes and textures of the natural world. Much of her jewelry is tiny sculptural representations of plants and animals, and often features intricate textures sourced from shells, leaves, grass and flowers. She works primarily in silver clay, which is soft and malleable, and can be shaped with molds, stamps, fingers or found objects. Once fired, the clay's organic material has burned off and only pure silver remains.


Raised in the bounty of the Pacific Northwest, Caitlin has a lifelong love for the incredible structures and transfixing details around us. She finds the sea and its smallest invertebrates deeply appealing. She collects shells, sand dollars, starfish, exoskeletons, seed pods, feathers and insect wings, all of which show up in her work. Animals continue to be a favorite subject matter, and she relishes opportunities to research and create new ones. Caitlin has made foxes, bats, hummingbirds, dinosaurs, whales, butterflies, a tardigrade… Some of her work is larger sculptural forms, such as life-sized bronze reproductions of sea invertebrates. Other work is guided by current events, and her attempts to process and respond to them.


Caitlin began making jewelry a decade ago – a venture launched on the countertop of her Brooklyn studio – under the name Blue Dot Jewelry, which is a nod to astronomer Carl Sagan's nickname for Earth. Now based in Poughkeepsie, with her husband and two kids, she continues to be inspired by the tiniest elements of the natural world.

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