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Amy Rosen - Abstract Expressionism

Painting, Mixed Media, and Jewelry


Contact Information


Studio:              56 Parkwood Blvd, Poughkeepsie


Amy J. Rosen is a local artist driven to abstraction in the fine art mediums of painting and collage, who often revels in combining both mediums in an artful collaboration. Her current work reflects influences of a memorable trip to Tuscany, Italy, in 2012, where she became enamored with the ancient weathered buildings and the cracked and crumbling stone walls, displaying myriad natural and aged textures. This textural inspiration is manifest in the background of Rosen's works, creating "a place to hold lines and shapes" formed intuitively by the underlying surface and Amy's muse.


Amy began painting 23 years ago, with no formal training under the tutelage of folk artist Hilda Berger, who encouraged her to "just begin." As her experimentation with various mediums and styles progressed, she gradually developed a passion for abstract art and it is here that she found her artistic voice. She studied with John Rosis at Rockland Center for the Arts and, after relocation to Dutchess from Rockland County in 2012 she continued her training at Woodstock School of Art under the guidance of contemporary abstract painter Jenny Nelson, who has been an important influence on Rosen's current style of painting.


A series of sixteen works by Rosen is on permanent display at the Valley Hospital Lukow Pavillion, in Paramus New Jersey, chosen to exhibit in New Directions 2013, a national juried exhibition sponsored by Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie, NY, she has exhibited in recent years at the Woodstock Artist Association juried shows and has earned three honorable mentions as well as active membership status. Her work is held in many private collections in the Hudson Valley, Florida and New Jersey. 

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