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Su The Producer

On View: Spontaneous Performances throughout the City!


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Su the Producer, has developed her own brand of social & community development everywhere she goes.  Executive Director of Poughkeepsie Youth Theater & The Living History Theater producing the Ella The Ungovernable Community Play, and Host of Planet of People (POP) Radio, the program of the people who wanna get stuff done (PERIOD)

She learned directly from industry giants such as Democracy Now, WBAI Radio, Girl Scouts of America, & Junior Achievement of New York.  If that wasn't enough to assist in her aptitude for social science she joined clubs like Model U.N. & Debate which inspired her to enroll into John Jay's Justice Academy Dual Degree program.

Having developed MANY guerilla style community programs that were grassroots in budget and exceedingly easy to implement, she solidified her brand niche when she was named Sui Generis, (constituting a class alone), by the college students of John Jay College of Criminal Justice who were able to thrive through her programs, lovingly called, Su, for short. "Cuz those that DO call, Su!"

Companies large and small have connected with Su to engage authentically with their audience in fun, innovative and mutually beneficial ways.  No matter what you want to do, if it helps people & you want to have fun getting it done, Su is who you call ^_~ She is currently producing the
Bartender Brawl, a cocktail competition bringing mixologists from bars all over Poughkeepsie Tuesday June 28th at Reason & Ruckus (305 Main Street). 
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