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Robert Lechterman - Kiln Formed Glass

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I have had a fascination with glass since early childhood. It is a perfect medium to explore light, color, and depth with a jewel-like luminosity. Kiln Formed Glass is an elastic medium offering infinite combinations. Transparency, opacity, dimensionality, and texture make each piece unique. This discovery offered a way to channel my accumulated knowledge in other artistic disciplines within a new means of expression.


I began my formal art education in the NYU Tisch School of Arts Theater Program through the study of scenic and lighting design. Changing course led to a career in film production as an Emmy- nominated cinematographer. Partnering with many note worthy directors refined my visual style. In recent years I have taken intensive classes targeting specific techniques with renowned glass artists. My Photographic background as well woodworking and metal are integral to my production of Glass Art. I maintain a fully equipped glass, woodworking and metal shop.

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Phone:                 914-582-9454

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