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Nikki Hung - Photography

On view: 4 South Clinton Street


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Learn more about Nikki by watching the video below, from prior Open Studios!


Nikki Hung grew up in the Hudson Valley- primarily in Poughkeepsie, NY. Her early passion for the arts spurred her to pursue various mediums and methods over the years, including illustration, painting, ceramics, graphic design and photography.


After working as freelance graphic designer and illustrator with her company Cute Core Designs (now Nikki Hung Art and Photography), she started working with The Dutchess Art Association/Barrett Art Center as a volunteer in 2013, eventually ascending as a member of the Board of Directors. In recent times, she became involved with Womenswork.Art, a new art gallery promoting contemporary art by under the radar and emerging female artists in the Hudson Valley, and has been appointed as Gallery Director in late 2019. 


Recently she has focused primarily on photography, especially in the themes of nature, Abandoned Exploration, Taphophilia (the love of cemeteries), and Tombstone Tourism. Her perspective of focusing on cemetery statuary as portrait models rather than using cemeteries as a landscape has made her work stand out amongst her contemporaries- portraying her deathly subjects among flora and fauna as lively scenes of hidden beauty rather than as the stereotypical macabre subjects of death and grieving. In 2019, she started travelling past her home region to capture these subjects in other parts of America, and she looks forward to putting her works together for a book about Taphophilia.  


Nikki’s artwork has been exhibited in New York City and throughout the Hudson Valley Region.

She currently resides in Poughkeepsie, NY with her husband Tony, their daughter Ava, and their dog Davey.



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