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Woven tapestry is my preferred medium, with traditions reaching back through many centuries.  Every new tapestry is an opportunity to explore the technique, and to experiment with design and color and materials.

My most recent piece, “In the Treetop,” was inspired by a scraggly tree visible from my windows.  Every spring, I wonder if it’s still alive; and then a few leaves appear, and a mockingbird comes back to sing from its uppermost branches.  It’s my favorite model at the moment, and also a symbol of hope!

Mary Flad - Fiber Art / Woven Tapestry

On View: Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, 9 Vassar Street, Parlor Room


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Learn more about Mary by watching the video below,
from prior Open Studios!

Mary Flad - In the Treetop.jpeg


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