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Woven tapestry is my preferred medium, a technique with traditions reaching back through many centuries.  Now, for three months, the interior of five rooms at the edge of the Hudson River have been my home and work place.  The windows look out on two bridges, and on trees leafing out, and clouds floating across the sky.  As I sit in my studio, the archive of memories accumulated across the years has become my main source of inspiration.


This beautiful world has been my home for many years.  I have moved from the East Coast to the front range of the Colorado Rockies, and then to Southeast Asia for two years;  and then back again to various places in the United States, each place giving me new images of what “home” is.  And then again to Asia for eight months, living on the edge of the Tien Shan mountain range west of China.  All these places, and the journeys to and fro, have given me an archive of images, of vivid memories.


  Fragments come together in my mind’s eye, as in a dream,  drawing on my  journals and sketches and photographs .  Now they are woven together to make a whole, bits of color interacting as in a kaleidoscope.  One bit may be from a desert garden in the Southwest, another from rock-carvings in a boulder-strewn mountain meadow, another from the banks of the Bosporus east of Istanbul.  The piece now on my loom in my studio pulls together the red-rock cliffs of Zion in Utah and the poppy fields of Central Asia.  I think of my current project as the “Voyage of Memories”.

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