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Madison Maureen Cahill is an 18 year old Poughkeepsie, NY resident. Madison was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 5 years old. Her affinity for artwork and creating characters and stories has helped her thrive over the years. Her “pen and paper” work have been achieved through a self taught process. She has been a selling artist since 2014. Her work has been on display in Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Diego and in various galleries and exhibitions in the more local areas. In early 2020, Madison won the Finding Your Inner Mozart, Fine Arts exhibition, benefitting the Mainly Mozart Foundation, based in California. Her work has been purchased from collectors throughout the country.


Madison is truly a multi-media artist, ranging from alcohol markers and pencil to watercolor and gouache. She has also animated a short film and is a strong digital artist. Currently she is writing, drawing and coloring a comic book series. Madison has most recently completed illustrating a children’s book using exclusively watercolors and filling each page to the fullest extent with color and life. Clyde the Clever Wrote a Letter is due to be released July 2020. Madison also participates in hand made vendor events where she sells products featuring her artwork. Working in multiple artistic capacities such as comic con events, vendor fairs to fine art galleries has helped her gain vocational, therapeutic and social skills.

Madison has been affiliated with several organizations throughout the years, working and creating in various capacities. They include Strokes of Genius, Inc, The Art Effect, Exceptional Minds Studios in LA, and most currently she is collaborating with Tink Tank Animate out of Detroit, Michigan. Collectively, these organizations have helped to encourage Madison to thrive on her abilities and talents.

Most of Madison’s artwork is created with very in depth backstories, meticulous planning and preparation. Her subjects have fully developed histories and profound intentional purpose. Her artwork evokes emotion and thought and it often originates from human struggles and triumphs and maintains a lasting impression. Madison is also a dedicated philanthropist, having donated artwork for auction and sales to various organizations. She also provides commissioning services when time permits.