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Hudson Valley native Lorraine LeClair had an inauspicious start to her jewelry making career. Lorraine found herself, like many area students, at Dutchess Community College taking core courses before transferring to a four year school. There, she took her first elective art class since middle school, Intro to Metalsmithing. This course would set her on a path that continues to this day and one that was entirely unexpected. After completing her studies in an unrelated field, Lorraine returned to the Valley. In 2004 Lorraine would never have thought of herself as an artist but she soon found a position as a bench jeweler for an internationally renowned retailer. 

Now, she enjoys sharing her own artistic voice through her works of sterling silver, beads, and natural stones. Perhaps inspired by making intricate friendship bracelets as a young crafter, Lorraine’s jewelry has a strong geometric flair. Simple shapes and angles are transformed into graceful necklaces, bold statement pieces, or sweet, simple silhouettes. In her hands, cold, uniform links become shimmering chainmail accents. Copper and silver melt to form beautiful peaks and valleys on a miniature scale. She hopes her clients will receive as much joy from wearing her pieces as she gets from handcrafting them.

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Website:            etsy.com/shop/indigolanejewelry

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Phone:                 845-546-1838

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