John Breiner - Visual Artist

Mixed Media, Functional, Painting, and Printmaking

My work is highly inspired by nature, the passing of time, and the reclaiming of surfaces. For the last decade, books, salvaged paper, and found objects have been my work surfaces of choice. As an artist I look for a surface with stains and the telltale marks of a past life. I find inspiration from yellowed paper, peeling paint, or a water-damaged surface. I see these marks as a constant reminder that time stops for nothing. Almost exclusively discarded, I embrace these “lived” surfaces adding and subtracting layers to convey my own experiences and observations. My Hope in the end is to create a seamless interaction with the piece, to join image to surface as naturally as possible and push it out into the world with a new story to tell. 


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Studio:          135 N. Hamilton St, Poughkeepsie

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