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Felicidad - Acrylic Paint


Acrylic pour painting has turned my life around in a very exciting way. Never getting the same rendering opens the door to numerous possibilities. I am a retired IT specialist. I live In Poughkeepsie, have two adult children & five grand children. I have re-discovered my love of paint, colors, canvas and my creative inner voice. My studio is the kitchen and the table is filled with all kinds of paint “stuff” like silicone, brushes and acrylic paint, all to help me satisfy that creative itch that strikes me at my core. I love most of my creations and eagerly look forward to sharing them with others. One of my biggest lessons: get over shyness… pick your colors and just let it flow. 

This year, I had hoped to participate in as many art street fairs as possible, but it seems a new normal has taken over. I still have great expectations at showing the world what I can do. May all of us be safe and enjoy what life still has to offer.

Contact Information


Phone:        845-549-3552

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