Erin Sullivan - Watercolor Painting and Mixed Media


On this magical planet, we inhabit, I believe there is something new to learn and discover every day. I love learning and consider myself a student of life. Right now there is an extraordinary change taking place in the world. More and more people are having a greater connection with their heart center, which means living from a place of love, compassion, and kindness. As this evolution continues, peace gets nurtured as a way of life on earth and we start creating a harmonious coexistence with all living beings.


In my work, I use an intuitive approach to capture a feeling, mood, aura, or moment. These moments are often fleeting points of connection between us that are sometimes significant and noticed, and other times brief and unacknowledged. I aim to capture these connections to strengthen the bond between all of us. Relationships are at their strongest when we act with love and acceptance and by working to capture that in others I ultimately find greater love and acceptance for myself. Reflecting on interactions and drawing inspiration from others I use watercolors, gouache, India ink, and acrylic paint in an associative way to offer acceptance and love from me to the viewer.

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