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Eric Lindbloom - Photography

In Memoriam  1934 - 2020


Contact Information

For information about Eric Lindbloom's amazing photography please contact


Albert Shahinian Fine Art Gallery

22 East Market Street, Suite 301

Rhinebeck, New York

We are deeply saddened to hear of Eric Lindbloom's (1934 - 2020) unexpected death on April 4, 2020.  His support, guidance, encouragement and presence will be missed greatly.  We were fortunate to have Eric participate in Poughkeepsie Open Studios in the past.


Eric Lindbloom's photographs elegantly document the richly textured world of shapes and shadows. He focused primarily on five continuing series of work: urban scenes captured with a Holga Camera; salt marshes on Cape Cod; the pinewoods from the Cape; the sea and shore; and cameos or vignettes of storefront windows. In his photos, Lindbloom captures mesmerizing landscapes using a finely tuned tonal range. At the same time, the photographer moves between micro and macro environments, asking viewers to pose questions about their perspective on the photographed subject. These are sensuously, delicate worlds that hold up a mirror to an often fragile environment. At the same time, these very particular worlds engage the photographer as he teases out a visual puzzle working within the Hasselblad camera's square format.

Lindbloom, of Poughkeepsie, NY, was the author or subject of a number of publications, including the limited edition book The River that Runs Two Ways (Brighton Press, 2000) with poems by Nancy Willard, and Angels at the Arno (Goding, 1994). Eric was the recipient of more that 25 one-person shows within an international arena. A founding member of the Center for Photography at Woodstock, his photographs are included in many major collections including the Alinari Museum, Florence, the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He also taught and curated photography-based classes and programs at Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie.

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