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I have created works on paper for the past 30 years, but have not utilized a paint brush since I discovered that I could create art work on my computer. Using both Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, they have helped me tremendously to compose the many elements which make up my painting. Working with layers and a tracing paper overlay in Corel Painter, a computer painting program I can create my micro-pointillist compositions by programming my mouse to make dots and paint in a pointillist style.

While working in Corel painter, I employ elements of collage in my paintings to conjure up images created from a mixture of fantasy, mood and symbolism, blended together in a variety of ways to create my own world. Working with an unlimited palette, my pointillist pieces come to life helping me to construct a drama consisting of reflections of women's inner stories.

Through my art work I seek to open the doors and allow the viewer to enter into a deeper level where wisdom and metaphor can reveal a vast new world beyond the surface. I seek not only to render the interaction of colors as I create images but explore elements of the female psyche. Incorporating images of classic women with objects of nature, I try to illustrate through my paintings their innate nobleness, revealing the instinctive nature that resides within them.

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