Clara Rodriguez - Mixed Media, Painting / Drawing, Printmaking

and Kite Making

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Clara Caruso Rodriguez is a Hudson Valley based artist from Beacon, NY, and works on her art at her studio on the second floor of the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory. She is versed in several art making processes, including silkscreen printing, drawing/illustration, painting, kite making, and graphic design. During her time at SUNY New Paltz, Clara took on dual majors in a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Printmaking, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Art Education. Her thesis work consisted of combining kite making with various printmaking techniques such as relief printing, etching, monotype, chine colle, and screen printing. Combining printmaking with kite making is still a major focus in her art making process. 

Starting work as a Freelance Artist in 2014, she began silkscreen printing for clients when working with Progression Art Studio in 2015 and has since been working professionally in the silkscreen print making process. Translating images to screen prints via manually hand-crafted separations or digitally produced photo plates. Work produced during this period has traveled across the country in exhibits in Florida, Maryland, Maine, and New York State. 

Clara has shown her art throughout the Hudson Valley, NY. She has shown at venues such as the gallery at Fall Kill Clay Works (Art Centro at the time), The Trolley Barn, the Barrett Art Center, Queen City 15 gallery, and in Tivoli, NY, at the Tivoli Artists Gallery. She teaches some screen printing classes at Fall Kill Creative Works in Poughkeepsie.