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Carl Grauer - Figurative Oil Painting


Born in rural Kansas, the youngest of four to conservative parents, Carl Grauer was raised in a town of 700 people and a graduating class of sixteen.  He had a great aptitude of studies as well as art from a very young age but with a limited exposure to the arts.  Following high school graduation he left to complete his degrees in human biology and his MFA from the University of Kansas and the University of Michigan, respectively.  Eventually moving to New York City he found solace in the arts and culture in abundance. Upon the sudden death of his brother in 2012, Grauer committed his life to an authentic pursuit to his passion of portraiture and art making. He spent two years in London studying figurative and portrait painting with several studios and garnered success showing work internationally, including being shortlisted for the 2015 Wells Art Contemporary Award in the UK and exhibiting with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in London. Carl Grauer is a painter based in Poughkeepsie, NY in the beautiful Hudson Valley. He primarily works in oil, painting mostly portraits and figure based contemporary realistic paintings.

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