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Carissa Moore - Jewelry

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It started when Carissa was a child, creating jewelry made from beads, strings and cords. Those materials have evolved into precious metals, stones and gems. Growing up with limitless support from family, teachers and friends she went on to receive a higher education at SUNY New Paltz. In 2015, Carissa graduated with a Bachelors in Visual Arts with focus in Metalsmithing and Jewelry.

While studying at New Paltz, the constant conversation was trying to figure out the balance of being African American while being present in the community of Metalsmithing. After graduating, the desire to create anything took a pause and Carissa used that time to reflect and experience life changes. With this hiatus Carissa returned with a greater desire than before to be an Artist. She continued to take classes, taught herself through literature and created jewelry from corners in apartments. She now continues to increase her skillset as well as put a high focus on craftsmanship and integrity. After many ups and down, doubts and continued support, Firsthand Jewelry was born in January 2020. Firsthand Jewelry chooses to highlight the contrast of strong stone hues, composition and precious metal to create pieces of art against the body that reflects the uniqueness of individuals. Carissa creates pieces made with genuine integrity that warms the soul and gives lines and stones a chance to speak. With Firsthand Jewelry Carissa is proud to present handcrafted jewelry from an African American and handcrafted jewelry from an Artist.

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