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Barbara Todd - Photography and Digital

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Learn more about Barbara's work by watching the video below, from prior Open Studios.

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I have always enjoyed photography, but began to pursue it in its non-virtual artistic form about 8 years ago with landscapes of my beloved Hudson Valley, where my roots are and my soul lives.  Each landscape sings to me in a different way. I have tried to capture the sense of place and my interaction with it in the final image - each image containing, as Janis sang, another little piece of my heart. 


While shooting, photography both grounds me in the here and now and leads me to a deeper, more timeless dimension. This is especially so with reflections, whose depths can lead to myriad and unexpected places. Over time I became interested in black and white photography and its unique ability to see clear through to the bones of things. I became increasing fascinated with abstraction of forms, light and shadow. Water, reflections, shadows, unusual light ñ these things seem to create their own unfathomable space which is unpredictable and beautiful. 


Now I am expanding the facets of my work at times by combining words with images.


I believe that others share my innate need for beauty. I also believe that people crave seeing things in a different way than usual, to break their habits of seeing and not seeing, in order to reconnect with their world and feel inspired again. My goal is to see in ways I have not before, and to share that vision.

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