Artist Video Background Music Selections

Just watching a video slide show can be quite boring, so we picked out a variety of music suitable for accompanying a few of artwork, for which we have obtained appropriate rights for distribution. We may be able to be more accommodating in the future, but at this point we are trying to keep the video production as simple as possible...   Have a listen and make a note of your preference as you will be asked to make your selection during the registration process.  Don't worry, though, as there will be another opportunity to listen to these options later.

1. Future Technology
00:00 / 03:07
2. Happiness Remix
00:00 / 01:55
3. Hopeful Documentary
00:00 / 02:40
4. Be Epic
00:00 / 02:14
5. Inspiring Epic
00:00 / 02:39
6. Ambient Piano Cinematic Timelapse
00:00 / 02:11
7. Piano Inspiration
00:00 / 01:33