Artist Participation Information

Once upon a time our Poughkeepsie Open Studios weekend was a community event for our local artists, arts organizations, galleries, and art enthusiasts.  For 2020 our focus will be entirely different, using our free time to promote our local artists and to help the artists promote themselves.  As an alternative to attracting a large number of visitors to our area to visit artists and arts locations in person we would like to create a short video of each artist, suitable for posting on our website and social media introducing each artist and a sample of their work.  What does this mean?

  • We will have our traditional website, modernized and adapted a bit, minus a tour map.

  • We will create a short video slide show for each artist, less than 2 minutes, suitable for social media

  • The slideshows will have a consistent look and feel, with a standard artist introductory image and a standard closing.

  • The slideshows will be set to music, with necessary property rights, of the artist choice from a selection list.

  • The slideshows will be of a standalone nature, suitable for artists to use for their own self-promotion.

Given the large amounts of data that will go back and forth we are making use of Dropbox for submission of artist information and to share the videos that we create.  It is relatively easy, but like all of these tools they have their quirks.  Just contact us if you run into problems.  It definitely works on desktop and laptop machines, whether you are already a Dropbox user or not.  It was tested on one tablet and was a bit strange, but eventually worked.

The creation of videos is something that we have wanted to do for several years, but did not because of the amount of effort required and the cost.  Well...  this year we have more time and will use the money we traditionally spent to print booklets, combined with some grant funding we received from the Dutchess Partner in the Arts program from Dutchess Tourism that is administered by Arts Mid-Hudson.  This allows us keep the cost to individual artists to an absolute minimum.  There might be, we hope not, a limit to the number of videos we can produce.

We plan on returning in 2021 with our usual Poughkeepsie Open Studios weekend event, tour map, booklet, and promotion. We would like to incorporate this type of video promotion at that time, so in 2020 we are embracing technology, and looking to the future for improved promotion of local artists.

Artist Eligibility: Poughkeepsie Open Studios is open to artists in the Poughkeepsie area including the City of Poughkeepsie, the Town of Poughkeepsie, and immediately adjacent areas.  You must live in our area, have a studio in our area, teach art in our area, or be an artist with ties to the City of Poughkeepsie.

What is required of artists to make this possible:


There are significant changes to what artists must provide to support this type of promotion:

  • An image of each artist for our promotion, whatever you like, as a substitute for in-person studio visits.

  • 10-15 high quality images of your artwork and if possible, your studio or working space.  The higher quality the better, think of up to 5mb in size with 1200-2000 pixels on the longest side.

  • Appropriate information about how someone interested in your work can get more information about you or to contact you.  A website url if you have one, email address, phone number, studio address, etc. There are some new input fields so you can tell us exactly what information about you will be on the website and in the video.

  • For social media users, provide links to your Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • If you have a logo we can include it on our website and in your video.

  • You can select the music you would like for your video background from the list we provide.

Special accommodations will be needed for performing, spoken word, and literary artists where still shots might not make sense.  Just register and we will work something out.

Artist Registration Fee:  as in past years the artist registration fee will remain $20.00.  We will use our event funding to cover the extra production costs, social media promotion, and video hosting costs from our website host.  If this cost represents a financial hardship for you, let us know and we will do our best to make arrangements.

Artist Statement/Bio:  with this as new event format the information we present about each artist is more critical.  Please think carefully about your artist statement or bio.  It is not an optional element, as it informs the viewers about who you are.  The word limit is raised to 250, as each artist will have their own individual page on our website. Have fun.

Video Background Music: after registering you will be asked to select the background music you prefer for the video we will produce.  Go to the Artist Audio Selection page to listen to the various choices we have purchased.  You can do this at any time, even now, just make a note of your preference for submission later. 

Artist Review:  upon completion of an artist video we will make a preview of the video available to the artist to review and verify that information presented is correct.  We will make time for one update to each video, if necessary, but won't have time for more than one revision.

Registration Process: 

  1. Click here to start the registration process.  It will take you to an artist registration form on the Barrett Art Center website. You will be asked to supply information about you, how to contact you, and your artistic media.

  2. After submitting the basic information you will be taken to a Barrett Art Center payment form to submit the artist registration fee.

  3. Once we receive and process the registration information we will acknowledge your request via email and will include instructions for transferring the remaining (and bulky) digital information we need for video production.

  4. When production of your personalized video is complete we will make the video available for you to review.  You will need to fetch the video and review it as soon as possible, and send us back a confirmation.

  5. Your information will be added to our website shortly after we have all of your information.  The video will be posted along with all of the artist videos on the same date, approximately July 13th.

If You Have Questions:  You can always contact us with questions at any time.