2021 Poughkeepsie Gently reOpen Studios 

Pougkeepsie Open Studios has been an opportunity to interact personally with artists who live, work, or teach in our area and to explore their inspirations, their creative processes, and the types of media they employ. Starting in 2015 our venue of artist studios, art galleries, arts organizations, and temporary artist "pop-up" spaces, allowed visitors from around the Hudson Valley and beyond to experience the rich history of Poughkeepsie, the broad cultural diversity of our community, and the beauty of the Hudson River Valley.

2020 has finally been left behind, unfortunately though, with lingering uncertainty.  We have decided that it is too early to return to the large scale Poughkeepsie Open Studios weekends of the past.  We will still have our usual Father’s Day Weekend, and will keep it simple to save our energy for next year.  We plan to have art galleries and arts organizations open, art studio locations with multiple artists present, and with some limited artist pop-up space available.  We invite visitors to come for a softer, gentler, and safe weekend.

Stay tuned...